Saturday, February 2, 2013

whats on my mind

Before I end my night tonight I am just thinking about this time last year. I had no idea what was growing inside me, i currently have a beautiful beginning to crawl 5 month old baby girl, but 12 months ago i was still unaware that i was pregnant. I had botched two tests and thought i was 100% not pregnant, i cant believe its already been a year and i already have a perfect little baby. I am so blessed!

February 2 2013 bible reading

The reading is on John 17:9 and i never u derstand the words right away... Its a prayer Jesus prayed for those in the world who chose to follow him. The devotion speaks of how we should go around blessing and praying for people to be blessed.

I cant concentrate on my devotions lately. I know what I need to change with them and they are helpful but my mind wanders so often.
Im going to be a little open and even though I wont divulge too many details if you read what I write you will get what im talking about.
I have been thinking a lot about this one certain situation in my life and I don't know what God wants me to do. I feel so good about the idea to move ahead with my life and find new things to take the place of the old but at the same time I wonder if the old is just getting ready to become the new (sort of exciting ;-)). I wonder if im not suppose to run ahead and find anything new. I know God probably doesn't think I should be looking for anything anyway and I should probably just let God take me where he wants me, follow the winds of his desires for me. I cant help but wonder what's next and want to search for it myself... I know unhealthy. God created me with purpose and a future that holds many wonderful things im just ready for a certain one. I can wait... I can wait forever. Im perfectly content where I am, my mind must starts to wonder and then I get so curious (I know what curiousity does dont worry) that i want to test the waters and look for something new. I wish i could just be quiet enough to hear God speak to me. I am going to be praying for Gods will... Pray that I hear him on this one soon please ;-) thanks

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