Thursday, February 7, 2013

diapers, diapers, or diapers?

I have worked with kids for a long time and through this I had found what I thought were the best diapers. So far I have used those diapers on my now 5 month old daughter. I recently was wandering around and started looking at diapers as a mom with mom experience, which I am now finding does have some little differences. My daughter is nursing and just started on solid foods so her "business" is not jumbo sized elephant poop or anything, mostly loose or one little clay like nugget (need more?? ;-D). I literally have told people I would never use cloth diapers, but as I go through this journey that is my life I am noticing how different I am from my past self. I am not a total organic everything health nut, I have been known to say G.M.O. is defined as Genetically modified organics, which it is not and even now I will never buy those organic disposable diapers! Lately, though, I have begun sliding down that scale getting closer to full blown health nut, why you ask? Some of it is fun. Its fun to make my own baby food, its not unbearable to breast feed (as long as this biting down, twisting and pulling stays minimal!), and having a new life just makes you want to keep it as clean and as pure as it started out. So having said all of that I found what I think it the cutest cloth diaper and I sent the link to K. I am actually hoping that even if they are awful that we take the opportunity to try them not only for the fun colors and designs, but they also make swimmies and I know for a FACT that disposable swimmies are useless!

This could be a very bad idea... a very very bad idea, but if K decides to go along with it, which I pray he does since I currently make little money and need him to buy all the diapers... I must say I am super grateful for him, he may push my buttons and make me want to explode sometimes but when all is said and done hes probably one of the best "baby daddy"s out there!  So keep you're fingers crossed for me, say some prayers and Ill keep you posted on our diapering decisions.

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