Monday, February 25, 2013

a stone among gems

Today I feel like a stone among gems. I dont mean a gem stone, I mean like a plain old gray stone thats only purpose is to be skipped across the ocean and left for another day. I have so much beauty around me and I am so over blessed, but I am not the beautiful gem I have been made to be. I am too busy being ungrateful and complaining about everything. I spent the whole night up last night with my baby who for no reason didnt want to sleep and this morning instead of being nice to anyone I started right in on complaining. I have been told that I am a burden on my family and today it hits me how amazing everyone around me is to me even with me constantly whining and pointing out their flaws. I have been surrounded by gems and instead of their shine rubbing off on me I am trying to dull their beauty. I always find an excuse for why I cant be grateful or ill say im thankful for this or that and then I go about continuing to complain like having been grateful for a millisecond was good enough to let the complaining go on. Today I just want to be a nice caring grateful person. Today I will!! :-D:-D... Right after I get this baby down for a much needed mommy baby nap time!!!

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