Tuesday, February 12, 2013

oh thank you thank you thank you

Today was a nice day. I enjoyed playing with my sweet baby and she finally pooped, which was nice since I know its been bothering her the past two days. I am so thankful for her sweet baby face and smile, but the little simple day to day thing I am thankful for is naked time. She is so happy when any portion of clothing is taken off. If I take off the top part of her outfit and leave her in a onesie she is ecstatic. It amazes me how fast her mood changes if she can just bounce around in her little diaper! She was just laying there between outfits today when my large lab retriever came in and she went crazy. Talk about a happy girl, mixing naked time with a little puppy love she was beyond happy. He is a little hesitant around her and left shortly after making her day, but for the short time he was there it was hysterical to watch. So I am thankful for that moment brought to you by naked time ;-D!!

My single momma moment of gratefulness would have to be Ks willingness. He is always pretty easy to convince in most things. He is also becoming easier and easier to read so in moments I cant push him I know before I force him to snap. Today we had yet another easy conversation about a little date switching and no matter where it went we navigated it pretty easily and he was pretty open to what I was saying and asking for and I to what he was asking for. Its so nice when things are working because there is no easy way to share a child, especially if you are suspicious of the other person all the time!

Thank you God for being so gracious and letting this be my future.

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