Thursday, February 28, 2013

treating myself

So at the beginning of the week it was my birthday and I had an awful day...I think I set myself up, buuut I took control and decided it was time to do a little something for me. I used to barter for waxing with a woman with two kids, I would watch her kids she would wax my legs ;-D, but lately I haven't been able to do that with no vehicle and a 6 month old. I searched online and found a way to make my own wax!! I found and a recipe for my own sugar wax, though I changed it up and microwaved it in 2 minute increments stirring every break.
I did, however, learn this was the color I needed it to be (or maybe heated up again, but no lighter), definitely let it cool  a little and prepare for a mess!!

 I finally after 3 and a half months of legs I cant bare to shave, have nicely waxed legs. Yes I admit I had  the nastiest legs, but now they are smooth and perfect and I feel so much better. I also made a huge mess in the bathroom, but it was an easy clean up, needing only water to remove it from the floor and the shirt I tore up to wax with. It is so much easier and cheaper, plus tomorrow I am taking my little Oli to the pool and having bare legs is a must. I am so excited to show off my legs!! I have always been a big fan of wax over everything else. I was ready Monday for the pool, nothing to worry about and no last minute prep. Just grab the pool bag and GO!!! I love it.


  1. bravo mom!! now i need to test it out on me! ehhe

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