Friday, February 8, 2013

day four in a blizzzzzzzarrrdd;-);-) yikes

Its snowing and windy outside so I have A LOT to be grateful for. I have a home, warmth, food, family, all kinds of great things!! The one simple thing im grateful for is chocolate chips :-D:-D. Oh yes, they are so small and so basic, but they make things so much better. I had a delicious day thanks to my semi sweet bag of chocolate chips! Thank you nestle!!

The big thing, in my baby situation, to be grateful for  is that telepathy is not real! I say that with a seriously straight face right now! Man if people could read my mind... If K could read my mind... Im sure I'd be in big trouble, especially today. I had a lapse in thought control today and slipped down a the thoughtless slope towards the silly idea of K and I happy TOGETHER ((SCARY MOVIE SOUND EFFECTS HERE)). Our relationship is perfectly where it should be and as you may have read I am grateful to K for keeping it there. As a crazy (not literally...) chocolate loving woman I tend to get a little carried away and today I needed to take a step back and use self control and I am thankful K didnt see what I thought :-/:-/ and you better not tell him what you read ;-);-)

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