Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Artichoke dip

So I had a random craving while I was pregnant for Artichoke. I have never eaten artichoke in my life so this was a new one. I just went and bought a whole artichoke and had no idea what to do with it. after finding a recipe and figuring out how to eat it I decided to look a little further and found a DELICIOUS spinach artichoke dip.

The recipe calls for:

2 cans artichoke hearts

8 oz cream cheese

large handful of spinach

large spoonful of mayo

Large spoonful of sour cream

Chilli powder to taste

cheese of choice sprinkled on top ( I think they recommended mozzarella but I used Parmesan)

So easy all you do is heat the cream cheese up in the microwave for about a minute till its a little softer than room temperature, diced up the spinach and artichokes, toss it all together sprinkle in some chili powder top it with a little cheese broil till the cheese is lightly browned EAT!!! I love it!

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