Monday, February 11, 2013

grateful for...

Today i am grateful for aapppplleeess!!! My little cuddle buggy is teething and such a grump today so since I've started her in solid i gave her(held while she nawed on) a slice of my apple. She loved teething on it and sucking the juices out. It made her super happy and thats all i am concerned about lately.

I am over the hills thankful for K today as every time i am supposes to do something court related he goes and does it for me. I am definitely blessed to have gotten stuck with him for 18years. today he went and got the paper work for a motion to put off our mediation. We had a blizzard this past weekend and my class for kids first was moved to this up and coming weekend but  the whole point of it is for mediation so him getting the paper work really helps me out.

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