Tuesday, February 5, 2013

making life better one move at a time

I feel I am always complaining. I walk away from a conversation and I think wow I talked a lot and I feel so negative about it. So right now I am committing to being thankful for one thing via blog daily. I am so thankful for so many things but now I will make them for front of my mind by picking one to tell you all about daily. I am so thankful today for something very simple, air freshners. I am sitting in the locker room in planet fitness and it smells so bad that it reminds me I dont have to ever smell this smell if I dont want to because someone disliked it and did something about it. something am thankful for so many things but im starting off with this simple one because today im feeling so grateful for life in general something simple and silly seems right.
I actually would like to theme these a little more towards my current situation as well so i guess i will do two things a day. One general simple thing and one about being a single parent.
Today I am grateful for the way K and I normally interact. There is never a drop off where we aren't civil to each other. Today O was happy he smiled i smiled drop offs like that are the only reason i can get through an overnight without her. I am so grateful for our interactions today!

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