Saturday, February 9, 2013

the blizzard isnt giving up, neither is my thankful heart

I am so grateful today for water, silly? No way! I drink it all day long trying to avoid juice, as I am a chocoholic, i have only made it to step one: admitting I have a problem ;-). I use it to wash dishes, to flush things :-/, in cooking, and even to clean myself. Today I went to take my shower and Os little tubby was still there from the night before. When i went to take it out she went crazy in her bouncy seat, she loves her tubby! I started the shower and proceeded to get ready to shower, as I went to disappear behind the curtain without O she screamed and flailed all of her limbs as if to protest my shower. I know exactly what shes saying... Take me!! So I decided to put her tubby back in and take her with me. She was elated. She kicked in her tubby and laughed and when i held her she reached for the water. She loves water too. I can safely safe O is grateful for water!!

In my sItUaTiOn(im using a voice to mock myself ;-) thats what the letterings about), I am abundantly grateful for protection. So far K and I have been kept safe and kept O safe in all of our different adventures. Today as snow dumps from the sky he,K, is out driving his plow truck to and from different places trying to keep up with the large amount of snow we are getting. I am grateful that we are safe and each of us is protected by our amazing God, whom O and I prayed to together holding hands last night, she laughed so much at me trying to pray with her! There is nothing cuter than having your own baby!! <3<3<3

I hope everyone else is safe today and enjoying the warmth of their homes and families. I pray for those with no homes that they are safe today!

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