Wednesday, February 6, 2013

day two and im still thankful

today is a test of my true ability to be grateful in my situation... I'll tell you about that in a second.
First I am grateful for YouTube. Its simple but you can learn so much. I have learned a little about mom blogging and I am so grateful for... Im not sure if I should start tagging people yet

I am grateful for forgiveness in my situation. Not only that I can be forgiven for my short comings by K but that I can simply and easily forgive him and move on from the stupid arguments we have. Today he text asking to bring O being  to me at 7 and I responded but he didn't receive my response so he called. He told me if I hadn't answered and he hadn't called he was going to take our 5 month old baby girl in his truck to put a plow on his truck. I for obvious reasons didnt like this and we got into the stupidest argument. I think in our situation it takes complying to stupid things to make it work he thinks he can do what he wants no matter what because she came from his sperm. I dont know if you can read the irritation in my blog but I have obviously strayed. I forgive him for reacting so harshly to my concern and when he finally arrived with Oli e we had a civil drop off again...sometimes you cant hold on to it or it will hurt everyone more than its helping anyone. I am glad things left off the way they did. I am so thankful its still working.

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