Thursday, February 7, 2013

A simple feather falls from the sky

In advance, sorry about the color I tried it out and liked it at first and since I did it Im leaving it, but its not good ha ha ;-/
Today as I drove my baby girl to her fathers house I stopped at a stop sign and as many cars were driving by I noticed something floating directly towards my window. It seemed almost alive and as I concentrated solely on figuring out what it was I saw it was a beautiful, though somewhat ruffled, feather. It made me smile. It was floating right towards me as a sign. Today, while playing with my little girl, we had listened to a song singing "the most beautiful feather" and it was as though God was saying to me I am this beautiful feather. Now I don't know if you know how it feels to have had a baby, but after I felt less than my former super fit self. I struggled in the beginning with my self image not because I was fat or unbelievably ugly, more because I wanted to put less time into myself and more towards my daughter yet I slept far less, leaving large bags (yes multiple) under my eyes. My skin is not the beautiful tan from sunning all summer since I avoided the suns harmful dehydrating rays my entire pregnancy and I am, as you may have read, single. I wanted so badly to just go on one simple date with my baby's father, but not only would that have been detrimental to our current ability to enjoy each others company as friends, it would not have given me what I was looking for. He had refused and I have moved on, I do still desire to date, fulfilling that feeling of being desired, but now I know I am desirable and God was once again showing me he created me, not only beautifully, but to withstand this and anything else that should come my way. The feather had been ruffled and when I had looked up I noticed there were many birds in the area sort of fighting each other and flying in front of traffic. I don't know why else they might have been doing this, but I know what I got out of it. I am beautiful and though on this journey I will be ruffled by many situations, like the one I am currently in, I will still float out of them just as beautiful because he is with me, or as the air carried this feather, he is carrying me! I think it is amazing how something so small and simple can bring so much meaning to someones life as it did in mine. Thank you God

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