Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In the Plaintiff seat again: court date # 2

York County District court here we come yet again!!

So K and I have gone to the court house (peacefully) a few times now, mostly to fill out papers, but twice we have gone for actual court dates. This court date was our second, we went in for Mediation! Our court date this time was actually moved from February 13 to March 4 because we wanted to make sure both of us went to the kids first meeting and mine had been canceled because of the blizzard that recently passed through!

That Monday court date has come and gone now and I must say I am so pumped. I arrived early as usual and the mediator came out and got me to make sure I was comfortable speaking openly in a room with K, we both told her separately we were fine together and the meeting commenced.

I asked our mediator, Anne, her thoughts on over nights at Os age. She of course had no good straight answer. We went through all the important things like schedule, which we set a default and went with the "by agreement" option for everything including holidays. Holidays will be split and out default schedule is four days one overnight, and will change to two overnights by July 1st.

I cannot tell a lie, the only help the mediator had to offer was an outline of what we should kind of have organized. I felt every answer she gave to the questions asked was 90 times longer than needed and left me with no more knowledge of the answer to my question than when I asked it the first time. She did however make a wonderful effort to answer our questions, and later she found us a judge to get our THIRD court date out of the way inside of this second one!! I was so happy and relieved and so was K. She had us wait in the waiting room. K and I used this time to chat about O and basically act as though we were regular everyday friends.

Then they called us in and it was time for our last, in this series, court date.

"All Rise" and it began.

The judge this time was a man, but we had nothing to argue about. He went through everything we had just discussed to make sure we agreed on it, which we did. His voice was so... relaxing, I found it so hard to concentrate, which also made me want to laugh, court an be so difficult sometimes.

After he went through everything... that was it, he listed off all of our agreement, he finished and we got our custody agreement, it was far too easy. I am done... done with court for this far to easy, agreeable session. I am so relieved and excited to be done with the stress brought on by the decision I made to drag this into court.

Its over, no more COURT!!!


well unless we have a snag on something in the future... Pray that doesnt happen!!

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