Monday, April 1, 2013

7 months

Today I woke up next to a 7 month old. I would like to know who came in and took my teenie tiny baby and gave me this huge, smart, beautiful, amazing, little sponge of a baby?!?!?!

Okay, in real life though, I am AMAZED at how much more I love this larger more active creature. Each and every day this amazing human being is learning new things, trying to communicate and walk. She is ever changing.

The first day of motherhood, the first moment of motherhood, I thought I had learned the most amazing love. I thought this love could never be surpassed by any other, but today as I look into my baby's eyes I know this love has grown, matured, into a love that will continue to grow bigger and better with each passing moment.

How is it that I deserve such an amazing love? How is it that this love could be bestowed upon those who have never given it before? It amazes me and shows me that Gods love is so great and unconditional, that even though I was living in sin, he gave me something I could never imagine and definitely never earn! I was given the gift of life within me.

God doesn't look at our deeds or what we have to offer, he looks straight into our hearts. He sees our intentions and our desires and on that he loves us. He loves me, he loves you! It just amazes me that I turned my back and walked so far away but he didn't say "eh you never did anything for me" he just said "I love you and I want what's best for you!" I am amazed and so humbled! Thank you God for loving me and blessing me with this gift of life.

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