Friday, April 5, 2013

bubble lovin toothy baby

7 months and four days or one more day until shes 31 weeks old and her first tooth is officially showing through! Its just barely breaking any surface gum, but I can see and feel it!

I'd say it's been 5 months of teething and four days of INTENSE teething to get here. I feel so bad that shes been in pain, but i am happy she finally has a tooth to show for it all. Now to get all the rest :-/

I must say I totally forgot about bubbles. My mother got us a big wand tube with a bottle of refill bubbles and I realized babies should all come with a bottle at birth. All week that has been the big moment saver. When she was upset I whipped out the bubbles and blew them in her room, in our sunroom, even in the kitchen.... I mean I used them outside too, but I didn't care where we were, if she was upset... Bubbles it was!!!! I have always loved bubbles, but now I have a whole new love for them. They are going on the grocery list to keep in stock at all times! Every time a group was blown my she baby was pushing me to chase after them or throwing her body towards them! I love it. My dog seems to have an aversion towards them, but thats okay, my baby likes them so they are a keeper.

Now that the suns been out and its getting warmer we will be outside enjoying the animals, the grass(which she was tearing out of the ground and throwing today ??) , andddd... BUBBLES!!!!

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