Wednesday, March 27, 2013

oh beautiful spring time

I am so grateful spring is finally actually acting like I wanted it to. The sun was out today and we are working our way up to the 50 degree mark(F for those in the C areas ;-);-)). We totally took full advantage of the nice weather and walked about 3+ miles to and from a  friends house with Uncle Smokestack and our old dog.

Baby was totally thrilled to be out of the house. She was screeching happy loud noises(they were cute trust me!) and chatting as we walked the road. She heard and watched streams flowing, tried to spot the birds making noises all around us, got a little nerves of dogs barking at our dog, and just enjoyed all the new sights and sounds!

It is just amazing watching her learn new things and interact with people. She's constantly changing and doing new things. Im so in love wit this exciting journey called mommyhood.

When we got to my friends house the dogs didnt get along so we didn't stay long but while we were there baby interacted with a few different people. Baby has a few silly new tendancy with toddler/preschool age children. Last week at church a little girl tried to kiss her head and baby tried to grab the girls face, warding off any further attempts, then today she wanted to eat her friends hand and got told off in sign language. She really enjoys grabbing everything and putting it in her mouth. Even though baby has a lot more learning to do its highly entertaining seeing what each encounter with other children holds! I cant wait to see what happens when we are more mobile and hanging with more children more often!!

Life is springing up all around us and showing me it's time to live! No more winter hermit!!

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