Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have an Oaty day

The other day I decided my little healthy baby should try some oatmeal, she loves trying new things. I pulled out the baby food processor thingy ground up the oats, boiled some water and whisked it all together. I threw in some tiny peeled bits of apple for flavor and TADAAAAH LivI style Oatmeal!

We had a little interruption right before sitting down to eat because Gitto (Lebanese for grandfather) needed a ride from where he had dropped off his vehicle at the shop. Olive didn't seem to mind... off went on a morning adventure to find Gitto.

When we returned home the oatmeal was perfectly cooled so we sat down to enjoy our oatmeal.

After only a few spoonfuls, I accidentally dropped the spoon off the edge of the table... okay Liv technically smacked it out of my hand and it flew across the room too far to reach sitting in my chair easily ;-D. I looked at little Liv and thought for a second... I had a wonderfully terrible idea... maybe she could handle the whole bowl herself. Her hands + a bowl of oatmeal? Great idea right? Well it was entertaining aannd made for some cute pictures, so I wouldn't say it was a BAD idea ;-D.

After only a few minutes everything in a close range was covered in oatmeal and Liv was looking at me like "whats next I'm finished redecorating the kitchen!" So I cleaned up and OATMEAL bath for the baby. I used the same ground oatmeal (uncooked) and gave her skin a much needed refreshing bath. She has had some dry patches on her legs so the oatmeal really helped! There was oatmeal in so many areas of the house after our fun Oaty day, but we enjoyed every little oat of it all!! ;-P


  1. My son is 15 months old and I still hesitate to trust him with anything...at all! He does well with finger foods, but cereals are out of the question. He doesn't like to be dirty so he shakes it off of his hands and if flies EVERYWHERE!

    I came over from the Newbie group for a visit. Feel free to stop by Worn Baby Shoes; we love new visitors!

    1. HA HA that's great! My daughter LOVES being dirty. Kids sure are messy, whether they like it or not.

      Following :-D

  2. awwww she's so cute!! squish her abit!!

    1. I agree, I love how she just had to put her face in the bowl :-D