Friday, April 12, 2013


My life is a pretty darn good and even easy life. The lessons I learn are always so gently taught and come just at the time I more ready for them than I think. Last night was a little rough, being the new schedule of two overnights for my baby with her dad, but I MADE IT, and in a couple hours she will be home.

Every day is different and I'm finding I keep getting busier and busier. I am running out of that free, easy blogging time... I know... rough right?!?1 ;-P Just kidding. Its great. I have dome "work" related projects started and a new group that comes with HOMEWORK... ew, I hate that word and the thought scares me... but I will do it!!

Last night I even got to enjoy hanging out with both my brothers and just be silly. I lost 3 hot glue sticks and there's dog hair in one of my painted projects, but it was worth it ;-D! Its been the 7 months of motherhood plus a few of the pregnant months since we have stayed up really late laughing and making a mess. We have always been a little ridiculous and last night we proved we haven't the glue and paint!

It feels so good to be busy for real again. I was beginning to think this mommy life I was on was full mommy all the time, though I didn't do anything crazy different or get out of the house for long, it feels good because a lot got accomplished off my to do list. I even have clean bedding ;-D!!

Well I will probably be busy more often now, which means I dont know how often or how well I will blog, but I will be reading all my new blogs, especially my favorite by +Erda M. Kamal!!!

**Watch me fiond more time now to blog after this :-/**

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