Sunday, March 17, 2013

sick baby +sick momma = chicken noodle soup kind of weekend

This week the whole house got a yucky tummy bug. It was my very first time being sick as a mom... yes I did say that like it was a super cool thing, I mean hey, I made it through the night being super sick while having to be a full time mother!!

**co-sleeping and puking do not mix** ~you're welcome ;-P~

Okay so its not cool, but it was an experience! Any way after washing everything in my house that could have been touched by me or sick baby at 3 am I took out a whole chicken and prepared to make some full on homemade chicken soup. I waited till the next day of course!

The recipe I used~

1 whole chicken
4-5 carrots
a large stalk of celery(is that what you call it?)
2 onions peeled and cut into fourths
salt, pepper, and thyme to taste
chicken broth if you'd like

I boiled the whole chicken until it was easy to remove from the bone. I pulled the chicken out of the now homemade broth and skimmed the top of the broth to get rid of the chicken yuckies. 

Add the onions and, after removing all but about 4 branches of celery, add teh "heart" or still stuck together parts to the soup so the bottom is hung on the side and the top leafy part is in teh broth as I did here
Let that just stay over low heat for a while with some thyme, salt and pepper till the celery is limp and the onions are clear.

While waiting peel carrots and cut up carrots and celery. Cut the chicken off the bone. Boil pasta a majority of the way.

remove the celery and leaves , leave the onion. Add your carrots and celery(add extra veggies if you want I added spinach) and heat till the carrots are soft. Add pre-cooked pasta (cook almost all the way, I did it for 10 minutes for my elbow pasta).

Add chicken and EAT!!


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