Saturday, March 9, 2013

luckiest human alive

Today I feel it, I feel it every day. I know I am the luckiest human alive! I spend every day with my now 26.6 inch 16.6 lb baby girl. I have had 6 blessed months of just being a mommy, and though I get caught up in the tiny details of difficulty every once and a while, I have it so good!

Today consisted of play, play, eating a ton, play, enjoying the outdoors, a touch if napping(not a good amount), and insane amounts of squealing laughter. I cant imagine a better day! I cant imagine looking into more perfect human eyes. Im sure each mom feels this about their own set of baby eyes, but I just feel so special to have these eyes every single day.

Nothing could be better than this love. She is my everything and when she lays her head on me i feel the pure, unassuming love she has as my baby.

For my entire life I have never known a love like this, never been more sure of someone loving me. I know its odd but no matter how little we speak I know that not only do I love her with all my heart but she is learning love from me and loves me! she was born with love to share and I am the lucky person who gets to be the mother she loves.

I will be the person who watches her grow, who holds her when shes sad, who she misses when shes been gone, who teaches her how to react, the person who sits through each up, down, and all around anything. I know we will have hard times and share tears together and separately. I know one day I wont be her world, but thats not now, right now she is just my baby, my greatest accomplishment and my greatest joy. I could just stop life here and feel fulfilled. My life is so good and so amazing all because she is in it.

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