Thursday, March 21, 2013

blog lovin? or just blog likin ;-P

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I was told to post this in my blog for blog lovin, so if you are lovin my blog or even if youre likin it follow me when I figure out how to get a bloglovin follow button ;-P!!

So I went and got a bloglovin whatever, but I'm a blogsnail and I am not sure if I am doing this right but Ill be following people on my new bloglovin reader and I think you can follow me too, but that part I'm still working on!! I dont know if I have ever done it right, I think I might have been just enjoying doing nothing too long. I tend to try and avoid blogging with my daughter because I just get so side tracked. I cant even do it when shes sleeping!

Today, while she was passed out, I started three different posts but finished ZERO because she just has the cutest little sleep face and I just want to cuddle up to her and never move! Now she is with her daddy and I can blog, but I have several mommy duties to tend to so thats not first priority so just go BLOGLOVE me!!!!! ha ha ha


  1. oh tell me about it. that is why i hardly blog or get to reply anything over the weekend or during my leave days!

    1. Ha ha its hard with these little cutie faces and all their needs! You seem to do well though... I always have to catch up on my "master rantor" reading when I come on ha ha