Wednesday, May 1, 2013

my grill cleaning technique

So tonight my daughter went to her dads and I set out to bar b que some chicken.

We recently had to get a new grill because our old one had built up too much grease and was deteriorating all over the food. The new one has already collected a lot of grease as well so after grilling on a partially clean area I left the grill on a higher setting to cook off some of the grease and make it easier to clean with the brush. I went inside to give everyone the food and grab some for myself. After walking into the kitchen I got into a conversation with my brother who hurried me into the living room to watch kung fu with my dinner. Needless to say I FORGOT, that I had left the grill on... For an hour and a half!!!!!! Thankfully it shut itself off by running out of propane and was cooled down by the time I got out there. Ya I forgot my grill on for so long it ran out of propane and shut off, I feel really responsible. At least I didn't have my baby here. O would feel so awful being the mom who leaves the grill on all night. Well nothing burnt down and the grill is actually quite clean now. So it works! Kung fu grill cleaning at its best!! :-D:-D

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