Saturday, May 4, 2013

a sad day in Oli land

So today is a little bit of a sad day here in my home. My brother the bicyclist has left on his second trip. Yes this trip has been long awaited and put off many times, but its sad none the less.

My little Ol has loved having her uncle smoke stack around to keep the music alive and do silly dances for her. He is such a special person and not having him around all the time will just be so much less fun.

He has gone to Minnesota to  train to be a bicycle tour guide for long trips such as the one he is currently on. He is riding his bicycle from on the border of Maine and New Hampshire to Mnnesota, His last trip was from here to Florida. He sure does love his bicycle and seeing him leave this morning, though exciting in some ways, is just sad.

If you are on his route and you see him ride by be sure to wave or offer him your lawn to set up his tent ;-D. He only needs a small patch and he is a good kid.

Heres his picture:

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  1. awww i wish your brother good luck on his cycling adventure!

    my brother is also elsewhere. he likes to backpack around the world. he was in india nepal for 6mths then he went to europe and now currently he found a job in middle east doha!

    big sister is sad.