Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Morning devotion 1/30/2013

This is actually morning and night, morning first!
So today's scripture was Romans 4: 18-21 about Abraham knowing his body was as good as dead but believing Gods word for his life that he would have a son.

I have faith in God, but my doubts often creep in and I find I'm not always this committed to it. I have a hard time feeling like im hearing God in the first place, so believing anything he might say for me seems so hard. I know my God is a wonderful and generous God and he has great plans for my life but im stuck here in this awkward place because of my own fear and inability to truly hear his voice over all the craziness in my head. I need to stop, I need to read more scripture and I need to believe what God says he has for me. What dies he have for me? I dont know! I want to hear from God today and then I want to believe what he tells me.
Abraham waited 25 years. Thats confidence in what he heard right there. I want to believe like that. I am committed myself to listen today and to believe. God will speak to me and I will begin to walk in what his will is for my life.

I actually think if I remember right that this just led me to what my devotions were on last night... Oh no thats just part of the Abraham devotion. Where God tells us then we doubt and walk in our own way thinking we know better. If i have learned anything from having my beautiful daughter it is that i do not know better and Gods will for my life is perfect!

last nights devotion Luke 22:42
I was right its its about believing Gods will is best and not our own will. How often do I think I know best and then I stumble and fall. Gods will for my life is such a good fit for my life, but I always try to go off and do something else. If I could just stop and concentrate on what God is doing and relax in Gods timing I could have a more enjoyable life with no worry or fear, but I often regress back to tue place where I am "in control" and find I feel anxious or afraid. Thank God I can still call on him when I am half way down my own path away from his will. Thank God he is such a forgiving God.

I chose today to think on and act on Gods will for my life and keep believing what he has for me, not what I have for me.

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