Thursday, January 31, 2013

Isnt it funny

So I cant help but say something about this, I think if I ever get any readers they would find this interesting!
I grew up with little. I mean my parents found ways to stretch their money so we had pretty good holidays, but we lived in a two bedroom apartment with 5 people. As a child I remember enjoying our trips to the food pantry because I felt like such an adult picking my food. How I grew up is not the main point of this story though, the main point is my mother.

My mother has always done with little and never really complained. She makes things work and makes it seem normal. She dresses nice, we eat well and the house is decorated nicely. She is right now the head of a non-profit that helps people who are needy. She started this non profit out of our home and since I can remember has been helping those less fortunate. She has no fear and has picked up countless people off the street and given food or clothing to people who needed it.

We have been over and abundantly blessed and there is nothing to complain about. I love my mother and I love watching her bless others, but I wonder sometimes how it works. You see right now my father is out of work completely and it has been that way for some time because he was first sick then diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. he went through the chemo and is completely healed of that cancer, but is still working at getting back into work. I have also been out of work since August and cant seem to find anything that will suite my child and I, so that leaves my mother to make the money for our family, and my brothers help her where needed, but none of this puts us out of the hole, we are just like those she helps. We have not gone a day without anything major, but many bills have began piling up and we have needed help from outside sources, sources she has helped others find many times. She helps so many and has come SO far from where she has been, but I want so badly for something unbelievably amazing to happen.

God works through my mother so often and her business is nothing short of a miracle. She has a food pantry and a thrift boutique that are both not her ultimate goal and only the beginning of her journey. She has the ultimate goal of raising somewhere around $250,000 of which $50,000 has already been donated. She wants to buy a building for her transitional shelter to help people who are homeless not only have a home but have the ability to make a life for themselves. Her shelter will teach life skills and provide people with a way to not only get on their feet but use them for the rest of their lives. She has continuously been blessed with more and more people to help her reach this goal and though she hasn't yet she will soon. My mom is selfless and so many times she is helping people through her own times of need.

So I hope from this little blurb you caught that not only is my mother helping the needy but she doesn't have it all to give, so if you sit there saying "I wish I could do something to help somewhere" you don't need anything... you just need to move. There are so many places you can help whether it be financially, just with words of wisdom, or by volunteering your time, she has done so much and you can too. If you are wondering about this story's truth I can assure you it is all as real as her thrift boutique in Somersworth NH, that I may one day tag in this story. I hope you find a way to do something.

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