Thursday, June 13, 2013

9 months

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe it has been over 9 months since Olive was born. She is 9 months old. Can i just say as much as this is by far my favorite stage of life it is also the most EXHAUSTING!!

She is into everything and wants to be everywhere. She loves to be held but has to be moving, i just want her to walk already.

Do not tell me "oh believe me you don't because...". I have already heard it and i do not care. She is already into everything and on top of that she has to always be walking which means i have to hold her hands all day helping her walk while I'm hunched over in pain or listen to her grunt and fuss... Ya I'd rather her walk.

She chatters up a storm, tries to sing, claps, kisses and has taken enough steps that she is so close to be ling a walker. 9 months certainly is a crazy age, but man i don't want her to grow... Well walk then freeze! 3 more months and my tiny baby is a year old. Eek!!!!

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